Monday, August 21, 2006


After one "lazy" weekend and a Sunday's Dimsum with family (thus missing my 9AM Mass), I decided to trek my way to St. Paul the Apostle Church in Manhattan. Usually, I would go to Queens of Angels a few blocks away from the house, this time, I had to take the 7 train / N train to Columbus Circle.

It was well worth the trip.

I realized that my being there and participating in the Lord's Eucharist was all about intentions. Doing things not because your body has been programmed to do them, but because you intend to do them.

Especially here in NY, people would rise and shine, grab a cup of joe, bite into their bagels, rush to the train and find themselves doing the thing over and over. We hustle and hustle and when we look up, we are astonished as to what amount of time has passed by.

I have been working on a new route to work for the past couple of weeks. Instead of the regular 7 train to Times Square and the transfer of 1 train downtown I would switch around and take the 7 train Flushing bound (opposite of the usual) and find a transfer of either the F or the E to Manhattan. When I take the F train, I would either go across 23rd Street then 7th Ave or through 6th Ave then 25th St. to 7th Ave.

Why do I do this? To get out of the everyday redundancy. I go to work with intentions. I will definitely live my life with intentions as well!


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