Monday, July 10, 2006


100% at work means showing up everyday. This may be good, however, it creates a flat line.

One of my indications whether an individual gives 110% is based on his or her documents and reports. If one uses the default Times New Roman, size 12 and flushed left settings on all their documents with little or erroneous spacing, a big neon sign lights up and says individual did not
even bother. Don't get me started with indents and misspellings.

When I started writing reports, letters and various documents, I had to learn all the proper ways with the old reliable Underwood Typewriter with its black and red ink! If people didn't even try to use the built in templates that Microsoft Word provides, what other help could we give them?

When I was in college, before I could even start to write an outline for a report or for my thesis, I had to outline first all my document styles. Title in Arial, bold, size 16, flushed to the left, subheading in Arial, bold-italics, size 14, flushed to the left and so on. Not only did it give me a consistent report, but writing it was a lot easier.

When you type your next letter to your boss, at least format the inside address to be in bold.

That's the 10% that matters.


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